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Adhering to Germany Vano Pump Group's engineering tradition, research and development, manufacturing all kinds of general mechanical pumps and pump systems related fields, fans, aerators and other related products, providing a number of services related to the field of general machinery, but also committed to technological innovation and the pursuit of high-quality and flexible Detailed>>
Pump industry is a typical investment driven industry and market demand is influenced by national macro policy, especially the great impact of macroeconomic policy of irrigation works, ……
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We are proud to provide solutions for your needs, Vano have offices in all provinces,Vano National Service Point>>
Vano · China headquarters
China Nanjing Yangtze River Industrial Development Zone No. 20 prospect Avenue 420
Zip Code:210048
Service Phone:400-7100-218
Pumps for customers from a single product to a comprehensive solution for complex systems. Vano products are used in many of the world construction, commercial, machinery and equipment, industrial and municipal water supply areas Custom Solutions Contact Us 
  • Horizontal multistage non-self-priming centrifugal pump, attached with long shaft electric motor.&nb…
  • Products can be widely used in water supply, heating, air co…
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